Can you tell me a little bit about polymer clay earrings? 

Polymer clay is inherently SUPER lightweight, which makes it a wonderful medium to make larger statement earrings, without sacrificing your lobes!

Every pair of Clay Baby earrings is a one-of-a-kind creation. As such, please allow for minor variations and imperfections. 

What materials are used for your findings (earring posts, jump rings and charms)?

All of our earring posts are hypoallergenic, solid surgical steel and nickel free. The jump rings used are all gold plated and the charms are either gold plated or raw brass. The materials used will be specified in the product description of every earring style. 

What are some tips for earring care? 

Polymer clay is a slightly flexible material when cured so, unlike ceramic or porcelain, polymer clay will not shatter if dropped. However, you should still handle with care as charms and findings CAN be damaged if dropped.

Due to the matte, smooth finish of the clay components,, they can be easily scratched by harder materials such as metal...so try to store your earrings carefully away from other metal jewelry. 

To preserve longevity,  avoid direct contact with sunscreens, lotions, hair products and perfumes. Also, we suggest that you don’t wear your earrings in the shower/pool/ocean. 

To clean, gently rub with a soft, wet piece of cloth or wipe. Makeup or other dirt can be removed from clay components by GENTLY going over dirty spots with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol, acetone or even just a little bit of water. Clean with caution if earrings have acrylic paint or decorative flakes.

Raw brass components may tarnish and darken over time if exposed to water and oils from the skin, but can be easily cleaned with a soft jewelry cloth and/or tarnish remover.

What if my polymer clay cracks or breaks?

Polymer clay is very pliable, but with anything, there is always that chance a product could break. If your earrings do completely break/shatter, please contact me and we will resolve it.

What if I love a style on your site but don’t have pierced ears?

Please contact us! We’d be happy to work with you and adapt something in a clip-on style. (Note: since this would be a custom-made order, please allow additional time for the earrings to be made.)